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Do You Know the Benefits of Performance Travel?

If you've ever traveled with a student group, you already know the benefits are vast. But what about the benefits specifically related to performance travel? In addition to stepping on stage in front of an audience to perform and honing their skills in a masterfully led workshop, learn what benefits await students who embark on performance travels.

Did you realize? Performance travel:

Meet the Team: Kim Burger, CTSP

Kim Burger, CTSP, is a travel consultant for Educational Tours, Inc. Kim’s passion for student travel was first formed as a high school band member and led her to earn an associate’s degree in travel. She has visited many of the top student destinations throughout the United States, which has developed her expertise on the ins and outs of each destination. Kim takes pride in being able to thoughtfully counsel her clients throughout the trip planning process.

Preparing Students to Broaden Their Perspectives

Student travel is an opportunity unlike any other for youth to broaden their worldview. No matter if students are leaving their hometown for the very first time or have been on the road before, there’s always something new to learn and a different perspective to ponder.

But how do you prepare students to be receptive to these types of experiences and perspectives? Though it can seem daunting, there are a variety of approaches and steps you could take. Use these tips to ensure students are ready to be open-minded and get the most out of their experience!