Orchestra, band, choir, international, domestic--so many festivals to chose from. Start exploring!

Festivals are a fun and festive way for students to experience competition right in the thick of the action. ETI has brought thousands of groups to many of the most popular festivals around the country. Choose a festival sponsored by one of the companies below or we'll help you find the right one for your group among the amazing performance opportunities and venues around the world.

Select Festivals:

  • Animado Events
  • America Sings
  • Bowl Games Festivals
  • Choirs of America
  • Dixie Classic
  • Festival DisneyTM
  • Festivals of Music
  • Forum Festivals
  • Heritage Festivals/Worldstrides
  • Manhattan Concert Productions/CODA Concerts
  • Music in the Parks
  • Music USA Festivals at Universal Orlando ResortTM
  • Orlandofest at Universal Orlando ResortTM
  • PAC Festival
  • Trills and Thrills Cedar Point

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