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Donna Adam

Donna Adam President

Donna joined the ETI team in 2005 as its Accounting Department Supervisor and was quickly promoted to General Manager. Her enthusiasm for the company and industry is infectious, and she’s determined to use her position to see as many students as possible enjoy the unbelievable transformative power of travel. Donna has earned her Certified Student Travel Professional designation from the Student & Youth Travel Association.

Phone: (800) 654-4560 ext. 508

Travel Consultants

Kim Burger

Kim Burger, CSTP Travel Consultant

Kim’s passion for student travel was first formed as a high school band member and lead her to earn an associate’s degree in Travel . She has visited many of the top student destinations throughout the United States, which developed her expertise on the ins-and-outs of each destination. Kim takes pride in being able to thoughtfully counsel her clients throughout the trip planning process.

Phone: (800) 654-4560 ext. 535

Jennifer Orkisz

Jennifer Orkisz Travel Consultant

Jennifer Orkisz, a travel consultant at Educational Tours Inc., taught vocal music for 25 years prior to landing at ETI. As an educator, Orkisz traveled with her choir students and saw the value of student travel firsthand. “They loved it!” Orkisz said. “Traveling with my ensembles gave my students new venues to sing in, time with professionals in clinics and the ability to see professional level performances and was a great recruitment tool. It also made me realize that with the choir trips we took, many of my students were able to travel for the first time!”

Phone: (800) 654-4560 ext. 502

Office Staff

Shelly Cole

Shelly Cole, CSTP General Manager

Shelly manages ETI’s relationships with group leaders and our industry partners to ensure our groups receive the same quality of service they expect from us. Her past experience as a travel manager instilled in her a commitment to the importance of every minute detail during a trip.

Phone: (800) 654-4560 ext. 522

Shannon Ranes

Shannon Ranes Trip Accountant

With both Business and Music degrees, and a love of travel, Shannon easily found her place at ETI. Beginning as an ETI Trip Coordinator over twenty years ago, she enjoys working with Group Leaders on the financial side of Trips in her current position.

Phone: (800) 654-4560 ext. 526

Dani Fluegeman

Dani Fluegeman Trip Coordinator

Dani discovered her love for travel at a young age and enjoys helping students experience once in a lifetime trips. She first joined the team in 2018 after graduating from Grand Valley State University with a Bachelors in Hospitality and Tourism.

Phone: (800) 654-4560 ext. 540

Haylee Taylor

Haylee Taylor Trip Accountant

Haylee brings to the ETI Team a wealth of experience in Retail Customer Service and Retail Operations Management. Haylee joins the ETI Team as an avid traveler, and though she has enjoyed learning all aspects of the Group Travel Business, she has found a current home on the financial side of ETI Business Operations.

Phone: (800) 654-4560 ext. 531

David Shriver

David Shriver Trip Analyst

David Shriver is a former middle school educator and has 20 years of experience in the group travel industry. He is passionate about travel and views travel as the single greatest way to influence students lives for the better. He has travelled extensively throughout Europe, as well as India, Peru, Costa Rica, Mexico and 40 of the 50 United States. David is married and has two young children, whom he coaches in basketball and soccer. David joined ETI in late 2021 and he looks forward to building life-changing itineraries for student groups

Phone: (800) 654-4560 ext. 536

Jane Tougouma, CSTP

Jane Tougouma, CSTP Integrated Travel Specialist

Phone: (800) 654-4560

Shari Babbitt

Shari Babbitt Field Operations Director

With over 40 years in the customer service business and running her own business with her husband for 30 plus years, Shari is our Field Operations Director. She schedules all the Tour Managers, that lead each trip. Along with her love for travel and passion for new experiences, Shari enjoys working with our ETI family to give fantastic, fun learning opportunities to all our groups.

Phone: (800) 654-4560

Sherrie Weiland

Sherrie Weiland Accountant

Phone: (800) 654-4560