You know that there is no better educational value for your students than a hands-on, real world classroom.

Don’t let the cost of travel be a barrier to your students experiencing the life-changing effect of travel. Most schools and students need or want to partake in some type of fundraising. There are thousands of fundraising ideas and services that can help you get where you want to go. Selecting a fundraiser can be a challenge. To help with your search, we’ve compiled a list of some ideas to get you started. 


The SYTA Youth Foundation connects youth with the resources required for travel experiences that will inspire them to be confident, connected, and globally responsible citizens. Through their strategic partnerships and initiatives, they are able to provide scholarships and financial aid for students and youth. To learn more about their Roads Scholarship progam, click here. 

Fundraising Ideas:

Mattress sales
Theater night
Concert night
Spaghetti dinners
Car washes
Sell Fall Flowers/ Christmas wreath
Pie sales BEFORE Thanksgiving/Christmas
Madrigal Dinners
Cow bingo
Euchre tournaments
Candy grams sold at lunch
Raffle to win a performance by the band/choir at your house or event
Guest waiters at your local restaurant/the restaurant gives you a portion of the sales
Working concessions at professional stadiums
Community can drives
Popcorn sales
Bingo event
Purse raffles

Fundraising Companies:

We do not endorse any one of these organizations, but provide them as samples of the offerings available to you.

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