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Clients across the world hire Educational Tours, Inc. to plan and manage their student trips. Here's what they have to say about us.

"Group travel with Educational Tours takes the worry out of travel. Trips are built individually and are tailored to the group’s needs. The knowledgeable staff at Educational Tours has creative ideas as well as practical solutions to make a trip an educational experience to remember."

Beth Bousfield, Director of Bands, Mason High School

“We've been traveling with ETI for several years now, and have found them to be extremely helpful, and very professional in arranging our travel needs. The staff is friendly, courteous and knowledgeable, going the extra mile to ensure that our trips are always well planned and exciting!"

Jon Sokol, Instrumental and Vocal Music Director, Cuyahoga Heights Schools

“Educational Tours is the one tour company I trust to plan my student trips. Having worked with ETI to plan my group’s overseas trip to England, I was pleased with the efficiency of the ETI office in securing hotel reservations, flights, bus drivers and itinerary items throughout the detailed nine-day tour. The online payment portal made all financial transactions extremely simple, and the representatives at ETI tailored the trip to our specific needs. Best of all, ETI's tour manager was with our group throughout the tour to take care of any on site needs. ETI is a company full of organized friendly people who are passionate about the educational benefits of travel and want to share that love with you.”

Mekel Rogers

“Fremont High School Band and Choir has been part of the ETI family going on 16 years! We cannot tell you how much this company has bent over backwards for our small program. Every person I have worked with over the years are very happy, helpful people whom always makes me feel comfortable in any stressful planning situation. They have built incredible itineraries for all of our trips and even took our suggestions and added them to our trip with no hesitation. To even look at another travel company would be a sin! This outstanding company will be booking our trips for many more years to come! Thank you for all the years, and the years to come!”

Melissa Hardwick & Betsy Fowler, Fremont High School Band & Choir

“ts difficult to put into words that people can trust which describe my respect for ETI. It is quite obvious, throughout the entire trip process (planning, billing, tour guide, etc.), that ETI getting my economically disadvantaged students to a great location, doing great things at the best possible price is their top priority. In 26 years of teaching I've never seen, or heard of, a company that comes close. This is no exaggeration. They care that much and are that good.”

Scott McMeeking, Homer High School

“Our school has used Educational Tours as our travel planning company for almost 20 years. We choose to keep returning because of their attention to detail and the team effort placed into ensuring that every trip is a successful one!”

Eric Kobb, Cooperative Middle School

“Educational Tours makes you feel like you are their only customer. Tracey Schenk is a perfect example of the highly professional staff that bend over backwards to get a trip exactly the way you want it. ETI will suggest an itinerary, but they never force a schedule on you. Having that kind of flexibility for booking events for the trip is essential to keeping a trip fresh.”

Jason Smigell, Director, Howell High School Bands

Kim and the staff at ETI helped me with every aspect of my trip planning. They are knowledgeable, accommodating and enthusiastic partners to make your trip a success! I just finished my trip and I'm already talking with them about our next big adventure!”

Melissa Barnard, Assistant Choir Director, Nixa High School

"I have approval to do this same trip again in the spring of 2021, and I plan on using your company again when I do. Everybody that was on the trip last year agrees that it was a very smooth trip, so why mess with success. I am taking a "small" trip to Branson next year, and will be contacting you after we get through with that."

Jon Myers

"ETI is an amazing tour company that truly cares about your groups needs. They will do everything they can to give your students an amazing experience. I highly recommend them for your next tour!”

Dave Kerkvliet, Sebeka Bands

“It's great to partner with people who are good at and passionate about what they do. I can't tell you how comforting it is to know that the team at ETI has my back. I can easily tell you are all firmly on my side. You never in the slightest way complicate my life. I feel that I am definitely more than just a customer to ETI because you care about giving my students the best experience we can arrange together. ETI manages to do all this while maintaining an excellent business relationship year after year. I find that I not only look forward to great trips each spring, but I also treasure the relationship we have all built over the years! Thank you so much for being such wonderful people.”

Scott McMeeking, Homer High School

“I so enjoy working for ETI--your care for students, chaperones and escorts is top-notch, as is your understanding when things go wrong due to no one's fault. Plus your willingness to work with folks when they make a mistake. I've worked for a lot of companies, and--really--yours is right up there with the best! Again, best wishes for the Season!”

Jack Friedman, Tour Manager

“You've got a good old fashioned customer service policy and try your very best to help costumers have a successful tour. Your entire crew did an outstanding job.”

Dennis Duso, Marysville High School

“I travel with ETI because I know my students will be safe through the entire trip.”

Steven Holovach

“Educational Tours offers a wonderful variety of traveling options, all of which give my students the greatest tourist experiences, at a group/discounted rate. School sponsored travel gives memories and experiences that will last a lifetime.”

Ashley Ward