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Clients across the world hire Educational Tours, Inc. to plan and manage their student trips. Here's what they have to say about us.

“I want to know that there are real, genuine people who are willing to help me create a great experience for my students. ETI gets that and they deliver each and every time!”

Nathan W., Band, Illinois

"I was apprehensive to travel with my students at first because I was afraid of the things that could go wrong, and I was worried about the amount of work and responsibility it would put on me,” Parker recalled. But from her very first trip, Parker had the help of ETI, which she says was a huge help in planning her trip’s itinerary and removing excess stress from the process."

Jennifer P., Orchestra, Michigan

“Educational Tours is the one tour company I trust to plan my student trips. Having worked with ETI to plan my group’s overseas trip to England, I was pleased with the efficiency of the ETI office in securing hotel reservations, flights, bus drivers and itinerary items throughout the detailed nine-day tour. The online payment portal made all financial transactions extremely simple, and the representatives at ETI tailored the trip to our specific needs. Best of all, ETI's tour manager was with our group throughout the tour to take care of any on site needs. ETI is a company full of organized friendly people who are passionate about the educational benefits of travel and want to share that love with you.”

Mekel R. North Carolina

“Fremont High School Band and Choir has been part of the ETI family going on 16 years! We cannot tell you how much this company has bent over backwards for our small program. Every person I have worked with over the years are very happy, helpful people whom always makes me feel comfortable in any stressful planning situation. They have built incredible itineraries for all of our trips and even took our suggestions and added them to our trip with no hesitation. To even look at another travel company would be a sin! This outstanding company will be booking our trips for many more years to come! Thank you for all the years, and the years to come!”

Melissa H. & Betsy F., Band & Choir, Indiana

“Its difficult to put into words that people can trust which describe my respect for ETI. It is quite obvious, throughout the entire trip process (planning, billing, tour guide, etc.), that ETI getting my economically disadvantaged students to a great location, doing great things at the best possible price is their top priority. In 26 years of teaching I've never seen, or heard of, a company that comes close. This is no exaggeration. They care that much and are that good.”

Scott M., Band, Michigan

“The trip was truly phenomenal from start to finish! I thought everything went exceptionally well and the planning was top notch as always! My students LOVED the entire experience! About a third of them have never left the tri-state area and a little over a third of them had never flown on an airplane before. This was an experience so many of them will never forget, nor will I! I am just so thankful for ETI and what they are able to do to allow us to create these life-long memories! So many of my students commented that Monday was the absolute BEST day! Monday featured gators in the morning, shopping, a terrific performance at the WWII museum, and an amazing steamboat tour on the Mississippi with live jazz and perhaps one of the best meals I have ever had on any of the band choir trips I have taken. Many of my students said the food was some of the best they have ever had! We had a FANTASTIC trip!”

Joshua S., Band &. Choir, Michigan

“Educational Tours makes you feel like you are their only customer. Tracey Schenk is a perfect example of the highly professional staff that bend over backwards to get a trip exactly the way you want it. ETI will suggest an itinerary, but they never force a schedule on you. Having that kind of flexibility for booking events for the trip is essential to keeping a trip fresh.”

Jason S., Band, Michigan

Kim and the staff at ETI helped me with every aspect of my trip planning. They are knowledgeable, accommodating and enthusiastic partners to make your trip a success! I just finished my trip and I'm already talking with them about our next big adventure!”

Melissa B., Choir, Missouri

"I have approval to do this same trip again in the spring of 2021, and I plan on using your company again when I do. Everybody that was on the trip last year agrees that it was a very smooth trip, so why mess with success. I am taking a "small" trip to Branson next year, and will be contacting you after we get through with that."

Jon M., Arkansas

"ETI is an amazing tour company that truly cares about your groups needs. They will do everything they can to give your students an amazing experience. I highly recommend them for your next tour!”

Dave K., Band, Michigan

13. “Educational Tours, Inc. never fails to provide timely, accurate and dedicated service to its groups. During our trip (the first since we had to cancel a trip during the Covid lockdown), there were a few obstacles that arouse unexpectedly. Each one was handled with patience and diligence until it was resolved to our satisfaction.”

Matt S., Marching Band & Choir, Ohio

14. “Our Music Dept had a wonderful trip. We saw a ton of amazing sights and prime destinations. Our short time was very well managed with the time allotted at each attraction. Our tour guide Donna was very informative, organized and helpful. As a chaperone I very much appreciated how the itinerary was laid out.”

Erika S., Concert Band & Choir, Wisconsin

“You've got a good old fashioned customer service policy and try your very best to help costumers have a successful tour. Your entire crew did an outstanding job.”

Jessie R., Choir, Kansas

16. “We had a fantastic time on the trip of a lifetime. It was done with such ease from the booking to the trip home. The accommodations were lovely, the food excellent and the tours fabulous. The group of fellow travelers were so friendly. Love our guides too. I highly recommend!”

Karen L.

“Educational Tours offers a wonderful variety of traveling options, all of which give my students the greatest tourist experiences, at a group/discounted rate. School sponsored travel gives memories and experiences that will last a lifetime.”

Ashley W., Choir, Michigan