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3 New Considerations When Planning Student Trips

As you well understand by now, the student travel industry is among countless industries impacted by the pandemic. However, with the right knowledge and direction, it's still possible to offer life-changing experiences to your students!

With early planning, the ETI team can support you in creating a memorable experience, despite any obstacles you may face. Below are a few items to consider when beginning to plan your student trip:

Dennis Kerr: Providing Eye-Opening Experiences for Students

Dennis Kerr, Band Director/Audio Video Director, Instrumental Music 5-12, at Conway Springs School District in Conway Springs, Kansas, recently traveled to Orlando with the Conway Springs High School Band & Choir. While it was Kerr’s sixth time visiting the destination, it was his fifth time working with ETI to bring his student group tour together.

Meet the Team: Donna Adam

Behind all of the dream trips and unforgettable adventures are the ETI team members who help make them a reality.