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It’s no secret that budgets everywhere are tighter than they used to be. The good news is that with a few adjustments, incredible student trips filled with education, fun and entertainment are still possible, even with a smaller budget than you’re perhaps used to. Keep reading to learn how little changes and can make a big difference.


Consider taking your trip during a time of year that’s less popular with other groups. Not only could this help you save when it comes to your bottom line (as attractions are working hard to garner visitors), it also could open up a world of availability to you. No more fighting the crowds for the best timed ticket slot!

Not sure what time of year could save you the most on your trip? Just ask! We’re happy to help and share all the details.


While your group may be used to traveling to a certain destination, don’t hesitate to consider cities that are not as far afield yet offer the same or similar benefits like an amusement park, educational experiences, performance opportunities, etc. Hidden gems are called “gems” for a reason! By staying closer to home, you may be able to save on travel expenses like air or motorcoach fare, in addition to benefiting from the costs that go along with under-the-radar attractions.

The team here at ETI know these types of destinations well and can help guide you in the right direction!


The early bird gets the worm is such a timeless statement because it’s true! Not only can planning early be good for your budget, but it also allows your students more time to utilize any fundraising efforts you’ve coordinated. Demonstrate the value of student travel to potential stakeholders in your community—local businesses, alumni, etc.—and get them invested in your trip! Doing this is likely to create repeat donors, as well.

Let us help you plan your next trip and take the stress out of student travel. Contact us today!


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