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Planning Early Pays Big

Several factors play into the overall success of a class trip.

One of the most integral components relies on something we all wish we had more of—time. Taking advantage of planning your trip early pays off in more ways than one.

The first thing most people think of when planning a class trip is how much the trip costs and where the necessary money will come from. Thinking about this in advance allows more time for students to fundraise or apply for scholarships from organizations such as the SYTA Youth Foundation. This also increases the impact smaller donations are able to make over time towards a students’ overall goal amount.

Not only will more time allow for more fundraising opportunities, but it will also allow an increased window to share how exciting the trip will be with both students and their families. In turn, you can count on more and more students signing up for the trip and for anticipation to build leading up to it. Be sure to make yourself available early on for one-on-one parent meetings to answer any questions they may have or address any reservations.

There may be some attractions or tours that you’ve got your heart set on. Don’t let your trip be anything less than you want it to be by not reaching out to Educational Tours, Inc. early. When you plan in advance, we can ensure tickets and space to your desired attractions will be reserved so you and your students don’t miss out once you reach your destination.

The more time you have to think about ways to incorporate educational aspects into your trip plans, the better. Once you know where you’ll be going on your trip, you can give students background on the landmarks they may see, insight on historic and notable events that took place in that city, or even develop your own specialized curriculum based on a specific attraction.

Though it can seem obvious, planning early can ease the stress of making sure everyone is able to get their proper paperwork in on time. Are you and your students traveling outside of the country and need a passport? You’ll be happy you took the time to be sure every student has one or has enough time to renew it, should it be expiring soon. Emergency contacts and information on any allergies, etc. is vital knowledge you most certainly will want to have.

Courtesy of ETI.

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