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It’s finally here. That time of year every educator can’t help but cheer about: Summer Break! And while there are likely plenty of ideas swirling around your head as to what to do next, we’ve compiled a shortlist of four tips to help guide you in making the most of your Summer Break this year. 

  1. TAKE PROPER TIME TO REST AND REJUVENATE. Educators work hard. We see it first-hand all the time! What better time to do what makes you feel relaxed and restored than during your hard-earned summer break? Whether you’re sitting by a beach somewhere, spending time with family or traveling out on the open road, you deserve that self-care.
  1. PONDER WHAT EXPERIENCES YOU’D LIKE YOUR NEXT STUDENT GROUP TO HAVE. If you’ve always taken a performance-based trip, you may already know what items you’d like to be on your next trip itinerary. But perhaps you’re traveling for the first time, want to lengthen your annual trip or simply want to branch out to include more offerings. Regardless, create an actual list of experiences and save it for your next meeting with an ETI team member. You never know what we can help make happen!
  1. DO SOME EXPLORING! If you’re wondering where to venture to with your students next, check out the bounty of resources made available by the Student & Youth Travel Association (SYTA). Their May 2024 issue specifically outlines the Top Student Destinations in categories including Emerging, United States, North America, and International. Jot down which destinations jump out at you for future research!
  1. BOOK AN APPOINTMENT WITH ETI. We’re dedicated to delivering powerful educational experiences with worry-free travel, and have built a reputation for offering straight-forward, exceptional service with customized experiences imagined just for you. By booking an appointment with our team, you can get the ball rolling on making your dream student travel adventure a reality. The possibilities are endless!

Courtesy of ETI.

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