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Student travel can be a magical experience that often stays forever as a cherished memory with those who are lucky enough to experience it. However, that magic doesn’t simply manifest itself out of thin air—a great number of factors and considerations play into how a successful trip comes together. ETI asked some of its educators to share their advice on creating an exceptional travel experience for their students.

According to one educator, performing groups shouldn’t be afraid to take on a performance venue that’s outside of what’s considered “the norm.”

“You can create a very meaningful experience for your students and for the people for whom you perform for by choosing retirement communities, children's hospitals, etc.,” the educator said. “Your visit can be a really big deal in some of these smaller, less visited venues.”

Of course, planning a trip can be demanding. But allowing students to get involved in the process not only helps reinforce expectations while on the trip, it helps keep them invested and parents informed.

“Make sure parents know this isn't a vacation and they have responsibilities beyond their child,” said Brian W., an educator at Monrovia High School. “Everyone will have a good time as a result.”

Another educator, acknowledging that travel can be stressful, recommends thinking ahead and prioritizing health before and during the trip.

“Be sure you are checking in with students to be sure they are staying physically and mentally healthy,” they said. “Overpack extra uniform parts and first aid materials. NyQuil in a hotel gift shop can be expensive!”

Last but not least, be sure to properly select and prepare chaperones for the trip in order to keep things flowing smoothly.

Courtesy of ETI.


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