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Whether you’re setting out on an education-packed adventure or getting ready to show off your hard work on a performance trip, traveling with students is always sure to be an unforgettable experience. However, traveling during the colder months can present additional considerations, such as packing. Luckily, there are some tips you can use yourself—and pass along to students—to ditch the stress that comes along with traveling during the snowy season.

Leave your bulkiest items outside of the suitcase.
Whether it's a warm down coat you'll be happy to have while strolling through the snow-covered streets of NYC or those boots that will keep students’ toes as toasty as a marshmallow over a fire, skip packing these items altogether and wear them. Students could always shed some layers during your airplane or bus ride, rather than take up precious suitcase space. You could also encourage students to pack a cozy scarf in their personal item (if flying) and use it as a blanket while traveling.

Don’t underestimate a base layer!
Before students decide to pack every bulky sweater they own, encourage them to pack a base layer top and pair of pants if your trip is to somewhere snowy. If staying warm is your ultimate goal, wearing these trusty items underneath your regular clothing will keep the heat close to your body—ensuring you don't need the extra five layers you might trick yourself into packing. This is an especially good tip for those students who don’t necessarily love wearing a winter coat.

How you pack matters.

Remind students they’ll fit more in their suitcases if they take the time to pack intentionally instead of simply throwing everything into their luggage. Packing cubes save plenty of space, in addition to helping to keep items organized while on the road. Students could even bring a separate packable bag for dirty garments. Rolling clothing items—especially pants, socks and sweaters—is also a long-standing traveler hack that will make the most of what space you have to work with.

Take time to plan.

Encourage students to plan out their outfits ahead of time so they only bring what they need for the trip. Students are prone to overpacking; to avoid running into the problem of luggage that’s too heavy and getting charged at the airport, consider providing a rough outline of suggestions so students (and parents) have an idea of what’s needed, when.

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