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Meet the Team: Shelly Cole

Behind all of the dream trips and unforgettable adventures are the ETI team members who help make them a reality. Shelly Cole, CSTP, Director Vendor Partnerships and Trip Coordinator for Educational Tours, Inc, manages ETI’s relationships with group leaders and our industry partners to ensure our groups receive the same quality of service they expect from us.

Her past experience as a travel manager instilled in her a commitment to the importance of every minute detail during a trip. Take a moment to get to know Shelly.

What is your favorite part about your job?

Giving students the opportunity to travel with their classmates, and seeing destinations that I haven’t seen before.

What’s your most treasured travel memory, or the best thing you’ve learned while traveling?

Travel is contagious! My girls are always asking, “Where to next?!” They want to see other states and countries!

If you were stranded in an airport, what three things would you want with you?

A fully charged phone so I can plan my next adventure, a pillow to get caught up on needed sleep and snacks—because who doesn’t love food?

What’s one thing you would recommend every student group do while traveling?

Take in your surroundings, talk to someone on the trip that you haven’t gotten to known prior, and take the time each night to recap the day and find out what everyone’s favorite things were!

What destination on your bucket list do you most want to visit?

It’s a tie between: Going on an Alaska Glacier Cruise; traveling to Iceland to see the Northern Lights; and visiting Bora Bora to soak in sun and views. Should I go on? The list is endless, come to think about it!

What’s your favorite activity while traveling, or something you’ve always wanted to try?

I love getting up early in the morning and exploring the bigger cities and sunrises before the hustle and bustle of exploring during the day. Something I have always wanted to try but haven’t done is go on a cruise ship. For someone who gets motion sickness easily (unfortunately quite a few know this too well), I will.

You can reach Shelly at 800.654.4560 ext. 522 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



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