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Your Ultimate Trip Prep Checklist

Now is the time when preparation for your unforgettable trip is likely in full swing.

Let us help take the stress of remembering everything you need to do off your plate with this handy checklist! When the time comes, you’ll be able to focus on the one thing that matters most: Making sure students have the time of their lives.

  • Decide what type of experience you want your students to have. Is your focus performance-related? Educational with some fun sprinkled in? Or is it simply for fun? Once your focus is decided, you’ll be able to then consider things like timing of the trip, distance you’re willing to travel, duration, ways to incorporate your curriculum and cost.
  • Meet with an ETI team member. We’ll help answer any questions you have and create a custom tour proposal specifically suited for your needs, including trip inclusions, cost, payment instructions and schedule, room list template, cancellation policies, and other pertinent details.
  • Set expectations for student behavior. Having ground rules for behavior and going over them multiple times before your trip is a combination for success. Don’t forget to also throw plenty of parent meetings into the mix. The more informed everyone is, the less room there is for miscommunication.
  • Start your fundraising efforts. Whether it’s something more traditional like hosting a car wash and selling candy bars, or a modern approach like crowdfunding, starting your fundraising efforts early is ALWAYS a good call.
  • Address the needs of all travelers. Be sure to collect emergency and medical information from students. If you’re traveling internationally, including a copy of this information in the destination’s native language is vital. Account for students who have special accommodations like needing a motorcoach with a wheelchair lift or those who must carry an EpiPen.
  • Be sure to have backup plans. Raining on the day students were supposed to take an outdoor tour? Take into consideration what your second-best option would be. ETI can also help you plan for the unexpected!
  • Ensure students will have everything they’ll need to enjoy the trip. Whether it’s a rain jacket, hiking boots, toiletries or a specific outfit for a performance, create a packing list outlining everything they’ll need. This is also a great time to address anything you DON’T want them to bring along.



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