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International Travel Tips

Traveling internationally can be exciting—especially if it’s a student's first time outside of the country.

But before you set sail, board the bus, or spread your wings, consider these tips for traveling internationally.

1. Know the bathroom situation. In some countries, you may need to bring your own toilet paper, pay to use the facilities or something else beyond what students are used to. Being aware of this beforehand will be incredibly helpful when nature calls. Ask your Travel Consultant if this is a problem in your destination.

2. Mind your health. It’s always a good idea to visit the Centers for Disease Control website several months before your departure date. It’s here that you’ll learn about any necessary vaccines, as well as any precautions you and your students need to take regarding food, water, etc.

3. Have up to date medical information available in multiple languages. If traveling to a country or region where a language other than English is spoken, having medical documents available in that language—in addition to English—is vital. Knowing how to ask for help in the local language is also a good idea. Google translate can help with this.

4. Register your trip with the U.S. State Department. Doing this allows officials to know your location and itinerary in case natural disaster or civil unrest occurs. You can register your trip at

5. Remind students to keep their valuables on them and in sight. Even if you’re in a relatively safe area, students will need to be mindful of their valuables like backpacks and cellphones. A good rule of thumbs is to not bring anything along you wouldn’t miss if you never saw it again!


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