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Exploring other countries is an amazing way to broaden students’ perspectives of the differences and similarities that exist between cultures. We see time and time again how travel abroad profoundly impacts a student’s life by expanding their horizons and changing the way they see the world. These experiences set students on a path to greater success in our global economy.

Whether you want to bring history alive or your music to new audiences, Educational Tours, Inc. will help you meet your goal and be with you every step of the way. We will suggest our best tips for discovering all your destination has to offer and what makes it extraordinary. We will welcome local guides to share the background of a city or town and to enhance sightseeing and tours.

If you plan to travel with a student performance group, take advantage of all the exceptional performance venues available. We will help schedule shows at schools to share a musical exchange or arrange a private master class through a local University or college. Young musicians can have the opportunity to perform and share their love for music in another part of the world to captive audiences of all ages.

If you have considered the opportunity of taking a group on an International tour, we whole-heartedly encourage you to contact us to find out how to make it a reality. We will support you as your student group is challenged to reevaluate their own values and cultural norms. And when you all return, you’ll bring a widened perspective of the world around you, and a greater appreciation for home.

Whether traveling to Europe, Asia, South America or any other destination across the globe, we will ensure that your adventure is filled with unique cultures, strong traditions, enchanting music, delicious foods, beautiful sightseeing, fascinating people, different languages and memories that will last a lifetime.